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Script to install Cacti on CentOS 6 or Red Hat 6

I have installed Cacti several times and it is a somewhat tedious process on a new system so I thought I would just build a small bash script to perform the install for me. This script will install everything needed … Continue reading

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SSH Connection Sharing

I was reading a post on a perl blog the other day and leaned about connection sharing in ssh. It allows you to open a ssh connection to a server and while that 1st connection is open, all subsequent connections … Continue reading

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How to have a cifs (smb) share mount on startup with authentication

If you want to have a smb share mount on start up on a Linux system there are several options. I think the easiest option is to embed the auth info in a file only readable by root. All you … Continue reading

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Manually testing a SMTP connection from the command line.

I have often had to manually test a SMTP (mail server) connection from the command line but I always forget the exact order of the commands in the conversation. This test is done via a standard telnet client on Linux, … Continue reading

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