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Updating the Home Lab

I recently got a few new SuperMicro servers for the home lab along with a 10 GbE Cisco switch and an updated Synology NAS. Look for some posts in the coming weeks on my planning and deployment of the new … Continue reading

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Home Lab Overview

Since I work with different customers all the time, I am constantly testing things for work in my home lab. When customers and co-workers hear about my lab they often ask what hardware is in the lab. I’m putting this … Continue reading

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Adding an isolated network to my home lab

Last week I set up a Satellite server in my home lab so I could test out deploying systems via kickstart. I wanted to kickstart the VM’s using DCHP and PXE but I didnt want the DHCP server running on … Continue reading

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Configuring Infoblox in the home lab for vRO

Infoblox’s IPAM is an awesome product for IP address management, DHCP, DNS, etc. It is used by lots of companies and is often integrated with vRA/vRO. Because of this, I have a local install of the IPAM in my home … Continue reading

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Installing Fedora 21 and ESXi 5.5 on my new Shuttle DS81

As I previously wrote, I recently assembled a new workstation for the home lab that I will be using as both a Linux and ESXi host. I’ll be using it as an admin workstation while not traveling (Linux) and then … Continue reading

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New Fedora 21 and ESXi Host in the homelab

A while back I wrote about setting up an old Toshiba laptop we had laying around as a workstation to manage my VMware environment including vCO (now named vRO). That laptop has been working well but I wanted something a … Continue reading

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Repair a vCenter SQL Express Database

The day before yesterday the power flickered at our house and because I had procrastinated installing a UPS in my home lab, my systems all powered off unexpectedly. Yesterday I went out and bought the UPS and powered everything back … Continue reading

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Linux Desktop for VMware Administration

I recently replaced my daughters aging Toshiba laptop with a used MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro was much faster and she reallylikes working in OS X so it was a great fit for her needs. With the freeing up of … Continue reading

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VSAN in the home lab

Today I received the 3 mSATA drives I bought from eBay with some NCAA tournament winnings. I got the cheapest mSATA drives I could find which ended up being 32 GB Samsung disks for $25 each with free shipping. I … Continue reading

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MacBook Pro 8,3 Linux Success… Kinda

In my previous post about my frustration getting Linux installed on my 8,3 MacBook Pro I mentioned that I could not get an installer to boot. Well, with Open SuSE 12.1 I was able to finally get the installer to … Continue reading

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