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vRO Get VM Object By Name

When working on VM’s deployed by vRA, vRO needs to operate on a VM object. This scriptable task will find a VM object by searching the vCenter inventories by the input VM name. The result will be a single VM … Continue reading

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vRA 8 Dump VM Properties

Create a workflow using this and call it during Machine Provisioned Post in vRA 8.x to dump all the properties of the VM being deployed. Can be helpful troubleshooting builds.

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Updating the Home Lab

I recently got a few new SuperMicro servers for the home lab along with a 10 GbE Cisco switch and an updated Synology NAS. Look for some posts in the coming weeks on my planning and deployment of the new … Continue reading

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Adding an NSX-T Tag to a vRA 8 VM – Tagging the VM Using ABX and Python

In my previous post I described how to use vRA 8’s native functionality to apply an NSX-T tag to a VM’s logical port. In this post I will describe how you can use vRA’s ABX platform to create a python … Continue reading

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Adding an NSX-T Tag to a vRA 8 VM – Tagging the Logical Port

Applying an NSX-T tag to a VM during a vRA 8 deployment can be accomplished in two different ways. The 1st route is to use vRA’s native tagging functionality in your blueprint. The other is to use ABX or vRO … Continue reading

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Get all NSX-T tags in use with Python

I was at a recent customer engagement and was asked to provide a list of all the tags in use in their NSX-T environment. I wrote them a solution using vRO and the NSX-T API but thought it would be … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver on a Dell XPS 15 9570

I was in the market for a new laptop and was planning on just going with the newer version of my current laptop. I have had a Lenovo t460s for a couple of years and have been generally happy with … Continue reading

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Using PowerCLI to Bulk Add Distributed Port Groups to a Distributed Virtual Switch

I recently had to install a couple of greenfield environments for a customer that has a very complex network layout. 100’s of VLAN‘s on their network that are consumed by vSphere VM Port Groups on Distributed Switches. Luckily the customer … Continue reading

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Installing Spotify on OpenSuse Leap 42.3

I recently switched from Fedora to OpenSuse Leap on my home office PC. I’ve been a Fedora user for a couple of years but had primarily used SUSE for a long time prior to that. Purchasing a new M2 SSD … Continue reading

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Home Lab Overview

Since I work with different customers all the time, I am constantly testing things for work in my home lab. When customers and co-workers hear about my lab they often ask what hardware is in the lab. I’m putting this … Continue reading

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