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Using PowerCLI to Bulk Add Distributed Port Groups to a Distributed Virtual Switch

I recently had to install a couple of greenfield environments for a customer that has a very complex network layout. 100’s of VLAN‘s on their network that are consumed by vSphere VM Port Groups on Distributed Switches. Luckily the customer … Continue reading

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Repair a vCenter SQL Express Database

The day before yesterday the power flickered at our house and because I had procrastinated installing a UPS in my home lab, my systems all powered off unexpectedly. Yesterday I went out and bought the UPS and powered everything back … Continue reading

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Linux Desktop for VMware Administration

I recently replaced my daughters aging Toshiba laptop with a used MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro was much faster and she reallylikes working in OS X so it was a great fit for her needs. With the freeing up of … Continue reading

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Home Lab Updated

Since starting my new job at VMware I thought it would be a good idea to beef up my home lab a bit so I can test as much as possible at home. My lab had previously contained the following: … Continue reading

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