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Adding an NSX-T Tag to a vRA 8 VM – Tagging the VM Using ABX and Python

In my previous post I described how to use vRA 8’s native functionality to apply an NSX-T tag to a VM’s logical port. In this post I will describe how you can use vRA’s ABX platform to create a python … Continue reading

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Adding an NSX-T Tag to a vRA 8 VM – Tagging the Logical Port

Applying an NSX-T tag to a VM during a vRA 8 deployment can be accomplished in two different ways. The 1st route is to use vRA’s native tagging functionality in your blueprint. The other is to use ABX or vRO … Continue reading

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Get all NSX-T tags in use with Python

I was at a recent customer engagement and was asked to provide a list of all the tags in use in their NSX-T environment. I wrote them a solution using vRO and the NSX-T API but thought it would be … Continue reading

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Using PowerCLI to Bulk Add Distributed Port Groups to a Distributed Virtual Switch

I recently had to install a couple of greenfield environments for a customer that has a very complex network layout. 100’s of VLAN‘s on their network that are consumed by vSphere VM Port Groups on Distributed Switches. Luckily the customer … Continue reading

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Home Lab Overview

Since I work with different customers all the time, I am constantly testing things for work in my home lab. When customers and co-workers hear about my lab they often ask what hardware is in the lab. I’m putting this … Continue reading

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Fedora 25 to 26 Upgrade and VMware Workstation Pro

Today I upgraded my home office PC from Fedora 25 to Fedora 26. The upgrade went smooth with the exception of the proprietary NVidia drivers for my GTX 1060 not working at 1st boot. A quick run of `akmods –force` … Continue reading

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Using Ruby to Call vRO Workflows via the REST API

There are a bunch of posts out there showing how to connect to the REST API but I found there were very few that actually showed something interesting happening. So, I figured I’d throw together an quick ruby script showing … Continue reading

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Configuring Infoblox in the home lab for vRO

Infoblox’s IPAM is an awesome product for IP address management, DHCP, DNS, etc. It is used by lots of companies and is often integrated with vRA/vRO. Because of this, I have a local install of the IPAM in my home … Continue reading

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vRO Workflow to Get a DV Portgroup By Name

I recently needed a vRO workflow to get a distributed port group object to perform some work on. I had access to the name of the port group but I couldn’t find a workflow that would allow me to get … Continue reading

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Installing Fedora 21 and ESXi 5.5 on my new Shuttle DS81

As I previously wrote, I recently assembled a new workstation for the home lab that I will be using as both a Linux and ESXi host. I’ll be using it as an admin workstation while not traveling (Linux) and then … Continue reading

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